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Hey, I'm Becky! Currently I live in London.
Before that I lived in Colombia, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia! I have 6 years teaching experience, both online and in the classroom, and right now I work in a university.

I love talking to people and I find the details of language and culture fascinating. I have taught in many different situations, from big classes of 40 pupils in Thailand, to 1 on 1 online classes with people from Russia, Serbia, Spain, Venezuela, Iran, Italy and more.

I work with my students to design learning plans. I like to learn about my students through conversation practice. We can talk about topics such as family, work, hobbies, travel or politics for example.
After our first class, together we can build a more focused plan to suit your needs as a student.
Also, can simply practice conversation together, which is always fun.
I also offer my students specific tutoring for test preparation and revision for exams.

I help my students to improve their knowledge and understanding of English grammar and most importantly, my students should feel more confident using English in everyday situations.

I can help my students to improve their skills in all areas.
For example, with conversational English it is important to understand and be able to use:

- The tenses
- Phrasal verbs
- Idioms
- 'Bad' english (lazy english used by native speakers)

Good luck in finding a suitable teacher, don't be too shy to book a trial class, hopefully see you soon!
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2010 - 2013
Bachelor's Degree in Modern History
University of East Lonon - London, United Kingdom
Focused on social history and passed with First Class Honours

briefcaseWork Experience

2017 - 2018
Senior Teacher
APAX English - Hanoi, Vietnam
Utilised SmartBoard technology to deliver fun and constructive lessons to enhance students learning and social skills. I taught ages 4 - 16, and as a senior teacher I observed new teachers and used a performance review process to encourage employee development and maintain teacher professionalism. I helped teachers to set goals through feedback sessions while providing verbal and written feedback.
2015 - 2016
EFL Teacher - Primary Level 3 and Adult Learners
The Prince Royal's College - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Taught Primary Level 3 with an average of 40 students in a class, and taught both Beginner and Intermediate adults one on one for the After School Program. Collaborated with colleagues to write and develop course curriculum as well as lesson plans. Explored use of technology, music, songs, games and team projects in the classroom. Cowrote and delivered a seminar informing parents about phonics teaching techniques. Created and directed dramatic performances in English for Parents Day 2015. Trained new members of staff. Participated in extracurricular events such as English Camp and Kindergarten Camp.
2015 - 2016
EFL teacher
Nicetalk Tutor - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Utilised a digital teaching platform to connect with a wide variety of international students. My students significantly improved their conversational English skills.
2013 - 2014
Learning and Achievement Advisor
University of East London - London, United Kingdom
Significantly improved student achievement and retention through facilitating workshops, and tutoring students one to one. Enabled students to recognize their academic potential and worked closely with staff from all departments to stay up to date on program changes and other important events.


2015 - 2015
TEFL Training Certification
SEE TEFL - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Completed six teaching practices, passed all grammar and teaching components with an A grade.