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Premier ESL Teacher & Multifaceted Educator
Elevate Your Learning Experience!


🚀 Welcome to a transformative learning journey with me, your dedicated ESL teacher and versatile educator! 🌟

🔍 About Me:
I am an exceptionally energetic and enthusiastic ESL teacher with a specialization in American English. My passion for teaching extends beyond language skills, covering a diverse range of subjects, including English, Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and even Dolphin Psychology.

🎓 Teaching Approach:
Experience the magic of learning as I infuse my lessons with contagious enthusiasm and a captivating charisma. My teaching style transcends traditional methods, ensuring an engaging and imaginative experience for every student. Be prepared to explore language and sciences in a dynamic and unforgettable way!

🌐 Specializations:

ESL Mastery: Unlock the secrets of American English with personalized lessons tailored to your unique learning style.
Science Savvy: From Biology and Chemistry to Molecular Biology, delve into the wonders of the natural world with interactive and insightful sessions.
Dolphin Psychology: Dive into the fascinating realm of Dolphin Psychology, a unique offering that sets my teaching apart.
🎯 Key Features:

Charismatic Teaching: Immerse yourself in a learning environment filled with energy, passion, and charisma that ignites curiosity.
Proven Classroom Management: Benefit from my demonstrated excellence in classroom management, ensuring a focused and conducive learning atmosphere.
💡 Why Choose Me?
Embark on a learning journey that goes beyond textbooks. Join my classes for an experience where education meets excitement, and where every subject comes to life. Let's make your learning adventure memorable and impactful!

🌟 Ready to Elevate Your Learning?
Contact me now to discover the joy of learning English, Sciences, and even Dolphin Psychology in an innovative and inspiring way. Let's achieve academic excellence together! 🌈✨

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My trial lessons

🌟 Session Overview:

Warm Welcome and Introduction (5 mins):

Begin with a warm greeting, establishing a positive and welcoming learning atmosphere.
Provide a brief introduction to the session's agenda, setting clear expectations for an insightful experience.
Charismatic Teaching Approach (5 mins):

Dive into an engaging discussion about your interests and language learning goals.
Introduce the captivating charisma that defines my teaching style,
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Learn the pronunciation and definitions needed in Genome Editing. Conversation topics include cancer immunotherapy, blindness cures, genetic disease reversal, age reversal, intelligence increase, muscle mass increase, Ai robots for gene surgery targeting and sociological considerations in gene surgery: being young geniuses forever could enable People to end War, Poverty, Slavery, Ecological Destruction, Racism, Sexism, Speciesism and so on. We could achieve long term goals, projects spanning trillions of years might become practical.
1986 - 1987
BA in Biology
California State University - California , USA
I earned a teaching credential in adult education with an emphasis in ESL

briefcaseWork Experience

1990 - 1992
ESL Teacher
Los Angles Unified School Dist. - Los Angeles, California, USA
ESL teaching to adults from Mexico.
1988 - 1989
ESL Teacher
Several private English schools in Taiwan - Taipei, Taiwan
ESL teaching to adults
1987 - 1988
ESL Teacher
Los Angles County Unified School Dist. - Los Angeles County Unified School Dist
ESL teaching to adults from Mexico.
2000 - 0
ESL Teacher
My Town - Philippines
Volunteer ESL teaching


1986 - 1987
California State University - California , USA
Document Number: 920134232 Document Title: Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credential: Full Time