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Lucy Williams

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About Me

I've been helping people to 'be themselves' in English for over 8 years.
Tell me your goal and I will create a pathway for you.
Tell me what interests you and I will find a way for you to learn English from it.
You will speak a lot in lessons but these are not just conversation classes, they are planned, structured sessions designed to move you one step further towards your goal each time. I will not waste your time.

Lessons with me are created from what is relevant to you.
I'm a professional writer (technical and creative) with over 10 years experience writing for different companies so I can help you improve your writing for job applications, CVs, emails, academic essays, written exam papers, and more. Any Cambridge or Trinity ISE students can use the lessons as exam prep, doing exam simulations together so you can get an idea of what the exam will be like.

I make detailed notes during each lesson while you speak, and at the end of the lesson we discuss your errors. You will be provided with a document of these errors to keep.

At the beginning of your next lesson we review the errors from the previous lesson. I set homework at the end of each lesson (unless you specifically ask me not to) and we discuss it together at the beginning of the next lesson. I also create flashcards for you of any new vocabulary that comes up in the session. I will periodically test you on these.

Frequently Asked Questions:
• Can you describe a typical lesson?

No two lessons are the same. I plan specific relevant lessons for each student so that you can spend your time progressing in the areas that are important to you and your life.

Some of my students are working on improving the vocabulary specific to their job, others are working with me to improve their confidence when speaking English, and others are studying film scripts so that they can enjoy English language films. You can practice listening to different accents, look at the difference between UK and US English, and practice the different levels of formality in written and spoken English.

• Do you teach Business English?

Yes. Aside from Verbling, I work as a Business English Trainer and content producer for a leading language course provider, called Speexx.

Everyone's business/job is very different so please let me know what your specific needs are.

Do you want to improve your interview technique?
Do you need to write a CV or application letter?
Do you want to improve your presentation skills?
Do you want to know the difference between formal and informal writing for emails?
Do you want practice understanding English on the telephone?
Do you want to improve your vocabulary for a specific industry?

I have experience of teaching English in various companies in Italy, where I taught group classes of beginners and elementary students, as well as 1-1 lessons with the directors and CEO.

I love learning about different businesses and helping you progress in your career. Talk to me about your job and I will create a course specifically for you.

• What materials do you use in your lessons?

I use a variety of speaking prompts, and listening material chosen specifically for each student to give you exposure to different accents, such as TED talks, youtube videos, TV series, and news websites. You progress using authentic material. I want to help you to enjoy English and if I find something online that makes me think of your needs then I will send it to you via Verbling chat, just like you would with a friend.

In my lessons there is often emphasis on pronunciation. As I explain in my introduction video, if you know how to say a difficult word, or if you know how to join certain words together (we like to do this in English) then you will be able to recognise this more easily in your listening.

• I can speak some English but I don’t feel like I express my personality

I use thought-provoking material which helps you to express your personality through English and I help you find ways to show your opinion. I have interesting discussions with my students about a range of topics and I give you the tools to speak English with more expression and emphasis, and to tailor your English for different situations. You get the opportunity to put vocabulary and grammar into spoken practice. You will study real everyday English and I will encourage you to use more interesting and expressive vocabulary so that you can really be yourself in another language.

• Tell me more about you as a teacher

I am a native English speaker from Wales in the UK with a standard British accent. I have a CELTA (pass A) from International House in Sicily, and have worked for the well-known International House in Bristol in the UK. As well as teaching on Verbling I am a full-time Business English trainer for Speexx. I put a lot of time and energy into making a lesson that is right for you. There's no better job than helping someone improve their career and location options by helping them to improve their English.

Before becoming a teacher I worked as a translator, an education consultant for Oxford University Press, a technical writer, an editor, and a short-story judge, so I have always worked with the English language in one way or another and have experience in using it in different industries for different purposes. I love language and the power it has to change people's lives, careers, and relationships.

• Do you prepare students for exams?

Yes. I have all the material and experience to help you prepare for the Cambridge PET/CAE and Trinity ISE I, II, or III exam. I can do speaking exam simulations, and provide exam techniques for the the reading and writing sections. I can give you reading homework and writing activities to prepare you.

• Do you have experience with low-confidence students, or students with Autism or ADHD.

If you have any issues with communication then I can help you learn English in a calm and relaxed way, with very simple and clear instructions, and an awareness of the difficulties that you may have. Maybe you need help with the recognition of non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, how we use pauses and interjections in general conversation, and the subtle difference in tones of voice in English. We can practice this in a safe, relaxed space with different role plays of real life situations. I have over 7 years’ experience of volunteering with the National Autistic Society and am trained as an online communicator for children and adults on the autistic spectrum. Previous experience and training as a project manager for an online counselling charity has meant that I have been given 1-1 students in the past who experienced too much anxiety to work in a conventional class environment. During my lessons if you need to stop before the end of the hour because of anxiety issues then I will refund you for any time that you did not use.

Please contact me via a message on Verbling to discuss your individual needs.
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My trial lessons

If you book a trial lesson I will send you a list of questions to complete and send to me before the session. I will need you to complete this before the lesson. If you complete this, we can go ahead with our session. Then, during the trial, I will then perform a Needs Assessment so that I have an understanding of what your goals are.
I will explain to you how I plan to meet those goals, and what I expect from you. Spolier alert...it's not just me who has to work hard :-)
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Teacher Stats

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timetable6 years ago
class_blackboard16.7 lesson average




2017 - 2017
International House - Palermo, Sicily, Italy
CELTA Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults
2013 - 2016
BA Linguistics & Creative Writing (First Class Honours)
The Open University - UK
Studied writing for radio, poetry, life writing, had work published and for sale in Waterstones, studied Functional Linguistics and how different newspapers can tell the same story with a completely different spin on it.
2004 - 2006
PG Dip Translation Studies
The University of Manchester - UK
Studied translations of Italian - English, subtitling, and the difficult of translating humour
2000 - 2004
BA (Hons) Italian
The University of Bristol - UK

briefcaseWork Experience

Business English Trainer
Full time Business English Trainer
Art Director
The Open University Students Association Writing Society - Online
I manage all things visual and Instagrammy for the wonderful creative writing society which I co-founded with a fantastic group of writers.
2017 - 2017
EFL Teacher - Intensive Summer courses
International House - Bristol, UK
Teaching Intensive English to Adults and Teenagers. Group classes and 1-1 lessons.
2011 - 2017
Technical Writer
SPTS Technologies - Newport, UK
Full time in-house Writer and Editor
2009 - 2010
Educational Consultant
Oxford University Press - Oxford, UK
International Sales department. Flying to International Schools in Europe to sell the OUP range of teaching material
2008 - 2009
Rights Assistant
Elsevier - Oxford, UK
Global Rights Department. Raising and processing Author contracts.
2017 - 0
EFL Teacher - General & Business English
Associazione I-Speak - Italy
Teaching English to Adults and Teenagers. Business English in local companies. 1-1 classes. Trinity Exam preparation.


2014 - 2016
Diploma in Commercial/Technical Authorship
The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communication - UK
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